Allman Brothers Band CDRs

Allman Brothers Band

Date Venue # of Discs Rating Sets
?/?/70 Ludlow Garage 2 A+ All
07/04/92 Red Rocks Ampitheatre Morison,Co 2 A+ All
05/05/96 The Palace Louisville,Ky 3 NGY All
05/11/96 Riveria Music Theatre Chicago,IL 3 NGY All
08/11/98 Wisconsin State Fair West Allis,Wi 2 A All
08/05/99 Unknown Portland,Or 2 A All
08/07/01 Chicago Theatre Chicago,IL 2 A All
08/08/01 Chicago Theatre Chicago,Il 2 A All
06/19/02 Chicago Theatre Chicago,Il 3 NGY All
06/20/02 Chicago Theatre Chicago,IL 3 NGY All
06/28/02 Marcus Ampitheatre Millwaulkee,Wi 2 NGY All

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