CD TRADING INFO Listed below are my trading practices. please email me if there is a question

1. always use a brand name disc no cheapies.

2. i dont send jewel cases under and circumstances.

3. always use bubble padded envelopes and some kind of protective sleeve for the cd's like a case logic sleave. fiber filled mailers are strictly prohibited.

4. i dont have source info so if you need source info dont trade with me i rate my cd's on sound quality not performance of the artist.

5. if you have setlist info please send that or email it to me so i can label my cd's when i get them in the mail. please let me know if i show that i picked out is incomplete and no shows from mp3's.

6. be fair and honest. dont ask me to burn commercial releases i have them on my list purely as a referance to myself.

7. i will do b&p when i have spare time but only if you make it easy for me. you need to have a return envelope already filled out to yourself and selfstamped with postage stamps no meter strips. also you need to send brand name cdr's because the cheapos dont burn in my burner. if these rules arent followed to a T then your discs will come back unburned.

If you have any questions on any of the above please feel free to email me at