Rest In Peace My Friend

"Leader of the Band"
A Trivia Tribute to Jerry Garcia

Everyone knows Jerry Garcia was missing his middle finger,just as everyone knows someone who has one of his mildly psychedelic ties.But did you know.....

...that when he was five,he saw his father,Josť,drown?

...that he failed the eighth grade for refusing to do homework and eventually dropped out of high school?

...That he joined the Army to get away from San Francisco,but ended up stationed at the Presidio?

...that he recieved two court-martials and eight AWOLs during his nine-month stint in the service?

...that he and Robert Hunter appeared together in the early 1960's as "Bob and Jerry,"playing bluegrass?

...that a young Bill Kreutzmann sold him a banjo at Dana Morgan's Music store?

...that garcia himself sometimes gave banjo and guitar lessons at the store?

...that in 1971 he had a Gibson guitar stolen from backstage at the Hollywood Palladium?

...that he was credited as "musical and spiritual advisor" on the Jefferson Airplane album Surrealistic Pillow?

...that in the 1970's he created music and sound effects for "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and a few Roger Corman films?

...that in January 1985 when he was arrested in Golden Gate Park for freebasing cocaine in his BMW, the reason police approached the car was because the registration was expired?

...that after a diabetic coma in 1986, he had to relearn the guitar with the help of friends?

...that a frogfish Garcia befriended while scuba diving in Kona,Hawaii,is named Little Jerry?

...that he wore a tuxedo without a tie to his Valentine's Day,1994,wedding to Deborah Koons?

...that before his death,Garcia's original paintings sometimes fetched up to $20,000?

...that close to 25,000 fans gathered to say goodbye to Garcia on Aug 13th,1995?

...that on october 31st,1995, episode of Roseanne,the title character named her baby "Jerry Garcia Conner" and dedicated the episode to the memory of Jerry Garcia?

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