Miscellaneous Bands

Miscellaneous Bands

Date Band Venue # of Discs Rating Sets
06/12/76 The Who Unknown Venue 1 NGY All?
11/12/99 The Who House Of Blues Chicago 2 A 2
08/17/70 Jethro Tull Aragon Ballroom Chicago,IL 1 NGY All
03/21/79 UFO Unknown Venue Tx 1 A+ All Parkers B-day
05/30/80 ZZ Top Capitol Theatre Passaic,Nj 1 NGY All?
09/16/02 Rolling Stones Aragon Ballrom Chicago,IL 2 NGY All, W/ Bono from U2
01/20/03 Rolling Stones Live on HBO 1 NGY All
05/27/89 John Fogerty and Friends Alameda County Stadium Oakland,Ca 1 A All Aids Benefit with Jerry Garcia,Bob Weir,Randy Jackson and Clarenc Clemons
07/24/99 Roger Waters Rosemont Theatre Rosemont,Il 2 A 2
04/29/70 Pink Floyd Fillmore West SF,Ca 2 A ?
09/30/71 Pink Floyd BBC Paris Cinema London, England 1 A ?
01/23/72 Pink Floyd Guild Hall Hapshire U.K. 1 A+ All First Entire Darkside of the Moon Live
03/13/72 Pink Floyd Hagashima Sports Center Sapporo Hokkaido,Japan 1 NGY All?
07/06/77 Pink Floyd Olympic Stadium Montrial Canada 2 A All
1/31/00 Blue Floyd The Wetlands Ny 3 A 2
02/19/00 Blue Floyd Iowa City, Iowa 3 A All
02/21/00 Blue Floyd House Of Blues Chicago 4 A+ All
08/07/97 String Cheese Incident Grand Targhee Bluegrass Fest 2 A All
04/12/02 String Cheese Incident UIC Pavillion Chicago,Il 3 A+ All
04/13/02 String Cheese Incident UIC Pavillion Chicago,Il 3 A+ 2
08/28/99 Los Lobos Slims SF,Ca 2 A All
03/30/98 Bill Joel and Elton John Tokyo,Japan 2 A+ All
02/23/00 C.S.N.Y Pepsi Center Denver,Co 3 A All
02/10/02 Jamie Babbit Schubas Chicago,Il 1 A All
02/10/02 Oskar Saville Schubas Chicago,Il 1 A All
04/29/00 Rubygrass The Abby Pub Chicago,Il 2 A All
02/09/02 Rubygrass Reunion The Park West Chicago,Il 2 A All
03/04/99 Leftover Salmon Georga Theater Athens,Ga 3 A All
08/28/90 Bob Dylan Star Plaza Theatre, Merriville,IN 1 A All
07/09/99 Bob Dylan World Music Theatre Tinley Park,Il 2 A All
05/20/00 Mickey Hart House Of Blues Chicago 2 A All
12/20/70? David and the Dorks The Matrix SF,Ca 1 Not rated yet All
08/05/00 David Gans Marin Music Fest 1 A All
06/28/01 David Gans Birdies Indianapolis,In 2 NGY All
8/13/00 WSP Oak Mountain 2 A All
12/30/00 WSP Austin City Limits 1 A- All
10/27/01 WSP Keifer Lake Arena New Orleans,LA 3 A All
07/27/02 WSP Greek Theatre Berkeley,Ca 3 A All
08/04/01 David Nelson Band Uncle Johns Camp Willits,Ca 2 NGY All
04/27/69 Led Zeppelin Fillmore West S.F,Ca 2 A All
08/31/69 Led Zeppelin Dallas,Tx 1 A All?
04/27/77 Led Zeppelin Unknown Venue Cleveland,Oh 3 A All
08/13/00 David Gans Great American Music Hall 1 A All
03/01/03 David Gans Fillmore West S.F.,Ca 1 A+ All
05/21/00 Dark Star Orchestra Grand Rapids,Mi 3 A All
02/28/03 Dark Star Orchestra Fillmore west S.F.,Ca 3 A+ All
12/21/02 Bob Weir and Friends Ashville Center Ashville,Nc 1 NGY All, Warrnen Haynes X-mas Jam
11/11/90 Neil Young The Catalyst Club Santa Cruz,Ca 2 NGY All
07/05/01 A Walk Down Abby Road A Taste of Chicago Grant Park,Chicago 2 A- All, John Entwistle,Ann Wilson, Allen Parsons
06/10/77 Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Sabre Room Hickory Hills, IL 1 A+ All
11/03/02 Santana Unknown Venue, NY 1 NGY All, Live By Request
10/24/68 The Beatles Karlaplans Studio Stockholm Sweeden 1 A All
02/26/99 Mr.Blotto Otto's Dekalb,Il 2 A All,Entire Dead Show
12/15/00 Steve Kimock Band Springfield,Or 3 A All
08/31/02 Steve Kimock Band Sunshine Daydream Fest,WV 1 A ALL
07/30/89 Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Guy Buddy Guy's Leggends Chicago,IL 1 A All
10/12/81 Triumph Public Hall Cleveland,OH 1 NGY All
03/19/68 Jimi Hendrix Unknown Venue 1 A All?
10/10/68 Jimi Hendrix Winterland S.F.,Ca 2 NGY All
08/20/75 Keith and Donna Band Great American Music Hall S.F.,Ca 2 A All
12/31/01 Dark Star Orchestra Riveria Nite Club Chicago, IL 3 A ALL
08/02/84 Zappa Denver,Co 2 NGY All
10/31/00 MMW Beacon Theatre, Ny 3 NGY All
07/25/92 Phish Stowe Vt 1 NGY All? w/ Carlos Santana
03/22/93 Phish Crest Theatre Sacramento,Ca 3 A All
10/31/94 Phish Glen Falls Civic Center Glenn Falls,Ny 4 A All The Beatles White Album show
10/31/95 Phish Rosemont Horizon Rosemont,IL 2 A All The Quadrophenia Show
11/17/97 Phish McNicklos Sports Arena Denver,Co 3 A All
07/11/00 Phish Deer Creek Music Theatre Nobilsville,In 3 A All
07/18/03 Phish Alpine Valley Musice Theatre East Troy,Wi 3 NGY All
07/19/03 Phish Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy,Wi 3 NGY All
8/28/99 Dixie Dregs The Roxy 2 NGY All
04/19/99 Neil Young The Theatre at Madison Square Garden Ny 2 NGY All

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