1. What Is the address to the deads house
Steve Austin
Seth Willis

2. What Was Stone Colds WCW Name
"Stunning" Steve Austin
"Superstar" Steve Austin
"Rattlesnake" Steve Austin

3. When Austin Was A "Hollywood Blonde" Who Was His Partner
Barry Windham
Jeff Jarrett
Brian Pillman

4. Who Beat Austin To Make Him Lose The WWF Title
The Rock
Kane And The Undertaker
Shawn Micheals

5. Who Raised Austins Hand When He Won The WWF Title At Wrestlemania IV
Lennox Lewis
Mike Tyson
Evandor Holyfield

6. Austin 3:16 Started When Stone Cold Mocked Who
Ravishing Rick Rude
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Jake The Snake Roberts

7. When Vince McMahon Fired Austin Who Hired Him Back
Eric Biscoff
Shane McMahon

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