Subliminal Dead Reference at the grocery store

Hey all,
I was driving past a grocery store today, and in their front window was a sign that read:
Garlic Bologna

which to me sounds just like Scarlet Begonias. I had to laugh, because maybe that was a little nod to deadheads, or maybe that's just a very disturbing type of lunchmeat.



She wore Garlic Bologna, tucked into her curls. I could tell right away, she didn't smell like the other girls."

She wore bread on her fingers, mayo on her shoe, I knew without asking she was easy to chew She wore Garlic bologna, slices in her curls, Not pepperoni, like some other girls, other girls. . .


Once in a while, your lunch can be Lite With the strangest of mustards if you spread it just right...

<15 minute jam>

Hired for the (Soda) Fountain

bruce higgins

As I was out shopping the meat market fair Not a ham in the cooler not a braunschweiger there From the other direction, she was calling my nose A girl wearing sausage, a sandwich for clothes

In the thick of the evening when my stomach growled there I asked for bologna but she wouldn't share I gave up on asking, I picked up the phone I ordered a pizza - shroom and pepperon'

Well I ain't often full, but I could use a bite. I seldom turn down a sandwich that's right

Well there ain't nothing wrong with the way she tastes Garlic bologna and some good mustard paste There's nothing wrong with her mayo and her bread But I ate much better, with that pizza instead

Wind in the willows called lunch I think, Bologna was yellow and the mustard was pink Strangers stopping strangers, just to taste their food Everybody is sharing, 'cause their in the mood.

And there ain't nothing wrong with the way she chews... Garlic Bologna that she bought from the jews.. There ain't nothing wrong with a kosher lunch on rye... I was getting hun-gry, I wished she would come by... Would come by....

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